Saturday 25th March 2023

Swim the legendary lake Whakatipu

Join hundreds of other swimmers and take the next step in your open water swimming journey today

Lake Whakatipu is home to one of New Zealand's most breathtaking open water swimming races

A great event for those who can swim, but haven’t yet dipped their toes into open water swimming and are feeling a little unsure. 

A beach start, you’ll run (paddle maybe) into the turquoise blue. A few gasps as the cold fills your wetsuit and you’re away around the 1.9km course.

Legends await. Delivered to the wild side by the infamous Kjet boats. Dive into the blue for a deep water start. Follow the rocky shelf line that guides you, swimming as the abyss disappears sharply below.

Legend has it that Hakitekura, the daughter of Tuwiriroa, a Katimore chief, was the first to swim across Lake Whakatipu. Now you can follow in her wake.

Saturday 9th July 2022

Are you up for a winter swim?

One lap of a simple out and back in the deep blue. 

For the brave: two laps out and back. 

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